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Creating Awesome Event Experiences


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​​​Professional Staging

Our Professional Staging adds a beautiful design to your event. With our Custom staging, the lengthwidth, and height of the stage can be adjusted to fit all of your event needs!

Stage Types

These stage types will make it easy to find the perfect solution!

-Enhance your Staging-

*We provide staging back-drop options such as video and projection displays, custom drapes, and other limitless customized options.

*Custom Scenic elements that may include set pieces, props, back-drops and ambient lighting design to enhance your event.

Polished Black Stage​

The polished stage option gives a sleek, professional look to create a dazzling stage. The glossy finish will be sure to compliment the event location and the walkway models.

No event is too large

or too small for our team.

Sleek White Stage​

This stunning white stage makes a bold statement to your event. Not only is this a durable and reliable option, it also compliments the bold backdrop you have for your event.

Classic Staging

Our classic black staging is a durable and reliable solution for your event. It is simple, yet effective in providing the height and durability you need. With this option there is also carpets available to give the staging a clean look.

Lighted Model Blocks

Our beautiful, durable, and well-lit model blocks create a professional and creative way for models to show off whats in style.